Using PLU Numbers

PLU (Product Lookup) numbers can be used to sell items in our point of sale without the need for scanning. These can be great for small items that do not have a barcode or large bulky items that can be hard to lift to the scanner. To set up a PLU on a product:

1: Open Stock Maintenance and look up the item
2: Click on the "Prices" tab
3: Scroll to the far right on the pricing grid and you will see the "PLU" field
4: Click EDIT and enter a number into the PLU field (for example, 101)
5: Click SAVE

Now, in the Cash Register, you can simply enter the PLU into the "price entry" box and press ENTER and PosBrowser will find the item instantly!

Once you have a few PLU's it can become difficult to remember them all. A good idea is to keep a list at the front counter. Also it might be wise to organise your PLU's into categories. For example, assign numbers 100 - 199 to stationery items, 200 - 299 to giftware and so on.


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