In you point of sale system how to mark an item as not required

 and so that if by some accident it does arrive it will be pronounced on the computer as not desired. This is a frequent quandary in retail, for example, in my grandfather's shop. I recollect as a kid how glad he was that we finally got rid some pieces only to discover a short period later to his outrage that my Mum noting we were out of it, made a new order, and so it was back. This is how you can stop it.

We call this "Do not receive." You can either do it in stock maintenance, and in stock received.

How to censure  a magazine
For example, while receiving go to edit. Mark the item where the red arrow is. From now on in our pos system, it will be shown as NOT WANTED, and if it does come back, the point of sale software will place it ion the group to be instantly returned.


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