Automatic customer stock replacement

 This is a highly powerful means to foster your patrons faithful to you and obtain more orders that you may be losing.

What occurs is whilst a patron buys a product you put in when you believe that they will run out of the merchandise. This you can estimate from their history or your knowledge. For instance, a patron buys a 30-day transport ticket. Well in 30 days, you know they will need another such ticket. So you put a programmed VIP message to be sent by email to be sent to them in 27 days, which is slightly before they run out. Another example might be a bag of dog food, which lasts three weeks so you would set the VIP system in our point-of-sale system to send a message by email in 18 days.

Currently about our system gets about a 35% open rate on this on time and from this a substantial number of order's results.


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